Maw Broon’s But an’ Ben Cookbook

In many ways (one of them being that we had much more time to make it) this is a better book than Maw Broon’s Cookbook, despite being the sequel. It had lots of invented advertising, clippings and “photos” by Hugo Breingan and Mark Mechan. Mark’s cover had real embroidery on it, the handiwork of my mum Margaret Cowan. Ron Grosset’s idea, it’s the book that the Broons keep at their holiday home the But an’ Ben and so includes hearty meals they could cook there, picnic ideas, barbecue recipes and recipes for using the produce that we imagined could be bought nearby in Auchentogle. We could also talk about tattie howkin, berry picking, jam making and a little about vegetable gardening. I enjoyed writing and typesetting this book – wish they could all be so much fun.

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