Stuff happens when you leave the house, part two

Well. This was going to be my CPD update to part one, listing all the lovely, smug professional outings I had planned for 2020. Yeah.

It has occurred to me several times that I should write about COVID-19 lockdown. But I couldn’t imagine what I could possibly say that was in any way different to what anyone else has said (or as beautifully observed as some of the things Liz Jones has written).

Then I thought of one thing. It’s neither interesting nor beautiful, but I haven’t heard anyone else say it. Here it is: I did not go anywhere for about three months, and when I finally ventured outside everything was a blur.


With relief, I found out that I was – and had constantly been for several weeks – still wearing my reading specs. Having not needed to look at anything more than two feet away for about three months, I just hadn’t noticed.

Thankfully, I wasn’t driving.

It’s been possible for me to find a lot of positives amongst the difficulties – that’s a luxury some people have not had. For me, the time has been filled effortlessly, but the time has also passed ruthlessly quickly.

I’ve adapted like everyone else has had to, and now that the end is in sight (maybe) I am unsettled and worried about having to adapt yet again to further changes, or, equally, to going back to what was before.

My world became very small for a time. The big world out there is a bit hazy still – even with the right specs on.