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In April of 2014 I was involved with a collaboration which was one of the best experiences I’ve had … and one of the most stressful. Francesca Pitcher of North Star Cakes had the bright idea to create an edible installation and she and Amanda MacLeod talked the very nice chaps at the The Cake and Bake Show into giving us the space and the carpenters to do it.

She roped in a whole gang of us listed at the website here.

Rosie Cake Diva, maker of the most dramatic cake creations in the UK, was our very effective PR guru. I did the print and picture stuff as well as contributing to the jungle too.

I did lots of things for the first time. I put a website together. I carved a slow loris out of fruitcake. Thanks to Dawn Butler I airbrushed about 300 edible leaves and dyed the inside of my airways green. I designed a logo (actually about 23 logos before we go the right one). I stayed up all night resizing photos. I had a funny turn. I ate a lot of crisps. I drove all the way to Manchester on my own without getting lost.

I met some really incredibly talented people and made some new pals.

Here are some facts and figures that we made up because the press kept asking:

jungle stats_Page_2

People are always very interested to work out how many calories there are in big cakes.

And here is a lovely video made for us by Jim Cooke of Centreline Films which is a lovely memory of the five days we spent in Manchester building (and unbuilding!) the jungle.

!! Group Pic _ IMG_2579

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