Glasgow Cookery Book

The Glasgow Cookery Book has to be one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever been involved with.

It was so satisfying to get a book I’ve loved for years back into print. The story of its connection with Maw Broon’s Cookbook is written about in the introduction by crime writer Alex Gray. It’s a fascinating story of a jotter of recipes in her possession that she thought was similar to Maw’s handwritten recipe book, but that turned out to be classroom material from the “Dough School”, The West of Scotland College of  Domestic Science. Material that eventually formed the text of the first publication of The Glasgow Cookery Book. It was an exciting revelation. I was there with Alex as we showed the jotter to university archivist Carole McCallum and found out it was something very special.

The project combined all the things I like: a significant piece of work to get my teeth into, working with an incredible team – some of whom worked on the 1975 metric edition of the book – and creating a quality and enduring product.

Caledonian University Archivist Carole McCallum provided amazing support for the project and a superb historical preface for the book. Marketing Manager Jo Dowling led the book to win a Heist Award for Alumni fundraising.

The book continues to be a source of funds for Glasgow Caledonian University.


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