Joining In

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Joining the SfEP is an opportunity for in-house editors to have their assumptions challenged and to pierce some zombie rules right in the head

Historically, I haven’t been a joiner – though I was in Dennis the Menace’s Fan Club; and Desperate Dan’s. I refused to join the Brownies – I like to claim that it was for political reasons.

Two years ago, I joined the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP). This has been the best idea I’ve had in ages. Better even than my salted caramel and banana macaron.

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Waste Not

Would these spindly little fellows make it onto our shelves?  Photo © Neil Langan, Shutterstock

Hugh’s War on Waste, BBC One

It was shocking to see twenty tonnes of perfectly good parsnips – not rotten, not bruised, not damaged – thrown away because they failed to reach an ideal of perfection. If you’d grown them yourself in your allotment you’d be proudly posting pictures on Facebook. Continue reading “Waste Not”